Weeding Don’t Needs (1)

So I find it hard to stave off the impulsive buys – apparently part and parcel of bipolar. Let’s see if writing everything I don’t need helps, especially since it’s Amazon Prime Day today… Just as a heads up, not all these things are sold on Amazon, and indeed some of them are things that aren’t sold at all…

  1. A guinea pig
  2. A exercise bike – PLEASE REMEMBER THIS – you might think you’ll use it but you won’t
  3. Cross trainer – see exercise bike.
  4. ANY MORE SIMS EXPANSION PACKS – you get obsessed for a week tops and then don’t play again for months/years
  5. Full Body Umbrella – yes it would be a good first episode of your potential Youtube channel, but you kind of need to start off with something which you can do without spending money….
  6. A Go-Pro – what exactly are you going to record?
  7. A droid with a camera – see above. Also, it would collide with the ceiling and break – don’t even try and make believe that it will make you go out more…
  8. Anti-Chaffing underwear – sure sounds good, but the reviews are awful – wait…. too personal – boundaries.
  9. ANY MORE MAKEUP UNTIL YOU’VE RUN OUT and that includes makeup brushes – you have plenty.
  10. Colouring pens – you tried the whole colouring in book thing and it just bores you and makes you more manic (kind of the complete opposite to what you were aiming for…)
  11. Any more ‘pretty’ notebooks… they’re too pretty for your handwriting and they make you feel bad for ruining them. You also lose them and forget about them.
  12. Shoes – you can only wear your walking boots – remember, you messed up your ankles falling down stairs and tidying…
  13. A laptop *yet* – you don’t know whether you’ve completely broken the last 2 or whether Will will be able to fix one of them. Phone Will.
  14. Any more presents for your sister. You’ve bought enough and she loves you anyway.
  15. New headphones. You have loads and if you just tidied you’d find them.
  16. A sewing machine – needles + you = hurt.
  17. Scented candles – not allowed candles in your flat.
  18. Cook books – you can’t follow instructions and you’d end up wrecking them by pouring sauce all over them.
  19. Nail polish – you can’t paint your nails to save your life and you hate when it starts to look messy so end up removing it instantly….
  20. Fitness tracker – do I need to explain.
  21. Clothes *yet* – you’re on a diet. You don’t want to buy clothes atm as you are hopefully going to lose weight if you keep to it, and then they will be too big 🙂
  22. Watch – you’ll lose it. History tells us this..
  23. Kitchen scales – you already have a really good one: you don’t need a new one.
  24. A microphone. Use one of the two good ones you have.
  25. Fairy lights for your bedroom. Just no need.
  26. 3D printing pen – you have many skills but hand dexterity and art is not one of them.